Dafei international logistics co., LTD., specializing in African shipping, the company have business department, operation department, finance department, warehousing department, administration department.

1. African coastal ports and landlocked countries by country of service.

2. East African countries, west African countries, South African countries and north African countries are divided by region.

3. According to the payment method, it can be divided into prepaid and cod

4. According to the mode of transportation, it can be divided into: maritime transport, rail and sea combined transport, land and sea combined transport, air and sea mixed transport, etc

   Our main cooperative shipowners are maersk line, sarmarine, cma, PIL,NDS,COSCO, etc.

The company is good in export beer, wide range of business, flexible operation, customer first purpose to serve buyers from Africa, domestic and foreign import and export trading companies, domestic manufacturers. Win the favor of the majority of guests and the recognition of many people in the line.

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